I Thought NaNoWriMo Was Some Sort of Anime Thing
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 10:30AM
Zach Buscher


Today, December 22, marks the 32nd anniversary of Bernadette Mayer's composition of Midwinter Day, certainly one of my favorite books of poetry.

It's an amazing work, an "epic" of motherhood, twenty-four hours in a life transmuted into book form (yet somehow not flattened in the process). It's even more amazing for the fact that Mayer wrote Midwinter Day in a single one: December 22, 1978.

Two years ago today, on the 30th anniversary, I made the pilgrimage to Lenox, MA (a short, lovely trip from Northampton) in search of answers. How does space/place fit into a book that is so largely about time? Does it factor in at all? In trying to force some sort of epiphany, I failed. You see, I couldn't even find 100 Main Street. Is that, in itself, interesting? 

So anyway, I implore any of you writerly types to follow Mayer's example and write, if not a compleat book, as much verse as possible today. A kind of "NaPoWriDa," if you will. Though it's nearly impossible to conceive how Mayer did it (in 100+ pages, nary a word seems wasted), why not see what arises? Should be a productive day, if nothing else!

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