Books I Bought, Books I Want...
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 02:13PM
Zach Buscher in books, excitement, new releases

Having just received my tax return, I figured it was about time to splurge on some books!

After ordering four, I remembered all the other things on which I have to spend this filthy, filthy lucre.  Here is what I bought before responsibility reared its reptilian head:

1. How by Emily Pettit

2. Hornet Homily by Patrick Culliton

3. The French Exit by Elisa Gabbert

4. The Trees Around by Chris Tonelli

And all for the price of $36!  The chaps were $8 a pop and the others from Birds, LLC (cool name, no?) came as a packaged pre-order deal.  My only worry is that I am ripping Birds, LLC off because said pre-order was for, like, April. Also, these small presses throw in shipping for free because they're just cool like dat.  Hopefully some reviews will be forthcoming because I hope to try my hand at more review-age!

On a related note, the wonderful Tarpaulin Sky Press is throwing an "Almost-Summer Sale" through June 20. I can't wait to, ahem, "tap that back catalogue" with the aid of my next paycheck.

I also want this bad boy, Ben Mirov's Ghost Machine, just released from Caketrain Press.  Caketrain press makes beautiful books, as beautiful as cakes.  But seriously, Mirov is an awesome poet and I'm glad I didn't enter that Caketrain Chapbook Contest for this year because I would have been thoroughly merked.  Said contest was judged by the likewise awesome Michael Burkard, a poet some have said I resemble: 


I don't know, not to say that Burkard isn't damn handsome or anything.  What do you think?

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