New Poem (6/25/10)
Friday, June 25, 2010 at 05:19PM
Zach Buscher in computer face: pure being, poem

Amassed Romantic

If I hugged you on heroin it would be hard.

To say where I stopped and you began.

We met on board such a cuddle puddle.

A thousand eyes locked in Little Big Planet.

While your boyfriend was outta town.

On business of mushrooms.


We met on drugs online.

That is one of those things I expect you to lie about.

On Chatroulette a revolver bugging your mouth.

My window hangs open before you.

His dangles in a mostly minimized capacity.

The danger in firing aimlessly cannot be overstated.

Now hit next.

On the one who so won't love in spite of growing social networks.

Let her tend her defragged pachysandra plot.

In peace.

Our monitors hoe dandelion wine and snow.

Long in the two bit rate face of future employers.

For benefits we crop the few high-wire images had.

The special K with which she snared me.

The bump of her numinous necks.


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