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Things You Can Learn from Entertainment Weekly

And you say, nothing.  

And I say, two things.

1. James Franco continues his campaign for 21st century Renaissance man by directing a short film "based on a poem about a gay salesman."  The poem (and film) is called "The Clerk's Tale" and it is by Spencer Reece, poet and former Brooks Brothers employee.  Franco's version actually looks kind of neat.  It's almost as exciting as his turn as Allen Ginsberg in Howl, out September 24.  As for the eponymous Reece poem, a true stunner, you can check it out here.  I'm sure I will be talking about the poem, the Franco adaptation (if I can get my hands/eyes on it), and Howl: The Movie (colon and what follows are my own editorial flourishes) in future editions of the blog.

2. ATTN Twilight fans: There is approximately one song on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack that sounds (in theory) pretty cool.  It's a collaboration between Beck and Bat for Lashes called "Let's Get Lost."  I love, love, love Natasha Khan so any new work is exciting, regardless of the unfortunate choice of venue.  I do have doubts, though; The New Moon soundtrack yielded a couple so-so collaborations that sparkled on paper, namely Ed Droste (of Grizzly Bear) and Victoria Legrand (of Beach House) on "Slow Life" and Bon Iver and St. Vincent on "Roslyn."  That said, I was into Thom Yorke's contribution ("Hearing Damage," straight up Eraser style). Lykke Li's bit ("Possibility") was ok, too.  

And now I am going to cower in shame after covering EW and Twilight in a single blog post.  

Should I rename the blog "Pop Cultural Sensitivity" instead?


Reader Comments (4)

Nope. Don't rename it.

Speaking of crazy rare films, have you seen this list: ? It's kind of amazing, but like the Franco film, I'll be lucky to find any of those anywhere.

May 30, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterj crab

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